Prenatal Pilates

Tuesday 6:15 - 7:15 @ My Midwives

Prenatal Pilates is designed for all fitness levels and all of the exercises are safe for the three trimesters. Previous Pilates experience isn't necessary. We use a combination of light weights, resistance bands or small Pilates balls for resistance training and pregnancy specific core work. The exercises work to stabilise the pelvis and lower back, build stamina and endurance, tone and strengthen the whole body as well as promote good posture and alignment. 

Zenfit Mama (ZFM) six week post-natal course


In pregnancy you do everything you can to best support your growing baby. After pregnancy, make sure you do everything you can to give yourself the best care and allow your body to heal. 

Zenfit Mama is not simply a mums n bubs class, it is so much more. ZFM combines a blend of modalities including both Yoga and Pilates so you don't have to limit yourself to just one class when you can get the perfect balance of both. We use equipment like therabands, magic circles, small weights and sliding discs to help you get into all the corners of your body that need to be stretched out and into the areas that need to be strengthened and reconnected. There are games, songs for babies, dancing and more! You are given exercises to do at home and there is a thorough pre-screening so any modifications can be made for you. This class focuses on moving well and feeling good and positivity towards your new, amazing body!

Keep an eye on your email for the next upcoming course and the online version launching in September!


Sunday Sessions - Woodend

Sundays 3pm - 4pm @Body.Barre.Yoga in Woodend


The perfect way to finish up the weekend. These classes are all about improving posture, strengthening and lengthening tight muscles, encouraging deeper breaths and letting go of the everyday stress that seems to build up during the week.

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